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Vinos Guerra
Bierzo, Spain

Vinos Guerra, founded in 1879, is the oldest winery in the Bierzo region. The founder Don Antonio Guerra was a pioneer in many ways. Mr. Guerra was one of the first producers to bottle method champanois wines in Spain. In addition to wine, Don Antonio also produced a variety of spirits from Agua Ardiente, to Vermouth and Anisettes.

Today the Guerra winery farms 1/3 of all the vineyards of the Bierzo region. Out of the 3000 ha (7413 acres) of vineyard land in Bierzo, Guerra takes care of 1000 ha (2471 acres), however they only make wine with the best 10% of grapes. This rigorous selective process allows the Guerra wines to show, consistently, extraordinary quality.

In addition to been so selective, Guerra possesses among the oldest and most precious Mencia (Mehn-cee-ah) and Dona Blanca vines in the Bierzo region. The average age of these vines is 50 years making wines that are able to communicate an impressive sense of depth and flavor.


Sales Materials (view all)

2015 Armas De Guerra Blanco [VGR100_15]
2015 Armas De Guerra Tinto [VGR300_15]
2016 Armas De Guerra Blanco [VGR100_16]
2016 Armas De Guerra Rosado [VGR200_16]
2016 Armas de Guerra Tinto [VGR300_16]
2017 Armas De Guerra Rosado [VGR200_17]
2017 Armas De Guerra Tinto [VGR300_17]