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Cote de Beaune, France

To say that Antoine Petitprez is committed to natural handmade wine is putting it mildly. During his education he was responsible for a research program on the moons effects on wines and vines. He created an association with the likes of Meo Camuzet, Domaine JJ Confuron, Alain Meunier, Liger Bel Air, Bruno Clavelier, and Domaine Dujac to repeat experimentations in the vineyards and in the cellar. He’s part of a new generation in Burgundy, taking the best of tradition, soil, and winemaking to tell a story of where the wines were made.

Antoine consults for growers in organic farming, and in return they agree to sell him grapes. This has given him the opportunity to aquire great fruit contracts with his growers, working with them on their vineyard practices all the way through to harvest. His philosophy is to “express the terroir and respect the vintage”.

The first vintage of Uliz was 2008, which produced 1,200 cases from small lots of old vine fruit, all of which were organically or biodynamically farmed. Before beginning Uliz, he worked first in Chablis, then Domaine Malivoire in Canada, Domaine de L’Arlot in Nuits St Georges in Burgundy, and a vintage at Turley Wine Cellars in California. He sells 85% of his wine in France, of which 50% is sold to 1 & 2 star Michelin restaurants.

The Uliz labels reflect a more modern two-part statement. First, Antoine’s thumb print, which evokes the French saying, “la patte de l’homme….du vinificateur sur le vin,” which means the identity of the person translated in the wine. The second part concentrates on details like parcelle name, vintage, appellation, harvesting, vine age, and winemaking philosophy.

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2012 Uliz Mondeuse Ascendance [ULZ510_12]
2012 Uliz ‘Mondeuse’ 1er Vol Savoie [ULZ500_12]
2013 Uliz Auxey-Duresses 1er Cru [ULZ310_13]
2013 Uliz Bourgogne Blanc 'La Combe' [ULZ100_13]
2013 Uliz Bourgogne Rouge [ULZ300_13]
2013 Uliz Gevrey-Chambertin [ULZ350_13]
2013 Uliz Meursault ‘Les Tillets’ Côte de Beaune [ULZ110_13]
2013 Uliz Morey-Saint-Denis [ULZ360_13]
2013 Uliz Saint Romain [ULZ140_13]
2013 Uliz Santenay Clos Cornières [ULZ370_13]
2013 Uliz ‘Mondeuse’ 1er Vol Savoie [ULZ500_13]
2014 Uliz Bourgogne Blanc 'La Combe' [ULZ100_14]
2014 Uliz Bourgogne Rouge [ULZ300_14]
2014 Uliz Gevrey-Chambertin [ULZ350_14]
2014 Uliz Saint Aubin 'Le Ban' [ULZ120_14]
2014 Uliz Saint Romain [ULZ140_14]
2014 Uliz Santenay Clos Cornière [ULZ370_14]
2014 Uliz ‘Mondeuse’ 1er Vol Savoie [ULZ500_14]
2015 Uliz 'Premier Vol' Mondeuse [ULZ500_15]
2015 Uliz Bourgogne Blanc 'La Combe' [ULZ100_15]
2015 Uliz Bourgogne Rouge [ULZ300_15]
2015 Uliz Meursault 1erCru Perriere [ULZ150_15]
2015 Uliz Meursault Les Tillets Côte de Beaune [ULZ110_15]
2015 Uliz Saint Aubin 'Le Ban' [ULZ120_15]
2015 Uliz Santenay Clos des Cornières [ULZ370_15]
2015 Uliz Turbulence [ULZ160_15]
2016 Uliz 'Les Tillets' Meursault [ULZ130_16]
2016 Uliz Bourgogne Rouge [ULZ300_16]
2016 Uliz Meursault Les Tillets [ULZ110_16]
2016 Uliz Saint Aubin Le Ban [ULZ120_16]