100% Freisa from Langhe DOC 

Thirty years ago, Alfredo Currado started experimenting with the local Freisa grape by making a wine with a secondary fermentation that took place in each individual bottle. Intrigued by its roots, original flavor and singularity in Piemontese winemaking, the family reintroduced the wine to their portfolio beginning with the 2015 vintage. 

After harvest, the wine is fermented 40% whole cluster. The wine remains 15 days on native yeasts with only a few pump-overs. At the same time, small containers of the sweet, unfermented must is frozen. 

Fruit is then placed in old wooden casks where it undergoes malolactic fermentation followed by decanting. At this same time, the sweet must is defrosted, dissolved into the wine and bottled. 

Gradually the sweet wine begins to ferment in the bottle. The bottles are gently rotated over time and then left standing for additional fermentation and aging.