Quivira Vineyards is a leading producer of Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc and Rhône varieties, built upon intentional winegrowing and a thoughtful commitment to biodynamic standards and organic farming. Quivira was founded in 1981 by Holly and Henry Wendt, who were drawn to Dry Creek Valley’s unspoiled rural character and rich history of winegrape growing that is among the longest in California. In 2006, Pete and Terri Kight (also owners of La Follette) purchased Quivira from the Wendts.

From the very beginning, Quivira has been committed to maintaining the integrity of the estate to make farming a long-term proposition. Quivira was among the first vineyards to become certified biodynamic in the United States, earning the certification in 2005. Since 1998, Quivira has been actively engaged in restoring Wine Creek, the Coho salmon and Steelhead trout spawning stream that winds through the center of the estate. The iconic 140-year-old Fig Tree, has been preserved as a landmark.

Quivira’s estate includes a lush biodynamicly farmed and organic garden designed to educate visitors and promote biodiversity. The garden’s 120 raised beds are planted to exceptional heritage cultivars of various produce.  Quivira partners with highly-regarded restaurants and hosts farm-to-table dinners that feature fresh produce, estate products and wine all from the property.

Hugh Chappelle, one of California's most accomplished winemakers, joined the team in 2010. He brings a deep understanding of both modern winemaking techniques and traditional methods to the winery, and his artisan approach fits seamlessly with their belief in integrating vineyards and winemaking.

REGION California
APPELLATION(S) Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County
PROPRIETORS Pete and Terri Kight
WINEMAKER Hugh Chappelle

Family owned since 1981, Quivira Vineyards believes in intentional winegrowing and honors a thoughtful commitment to organic farming. With the ultimate goal of being completely self-sustaining, vineyards and gardens are fertilized through the composting of winery pomace and estate livestock manure. Extensive cover cropping in the gardens and vineyards are used to support fertility and soil health. This practice also serves to strengthen the farm as a whole by moving away from monoculture through crop diversity. The Pigs, cows and chickens that can be seen around the ranch are also a vital piece of of the sustainable agriculture model as they contribute to the Estate’s biodiversity and create self-regulating systems.

Wine Creek Ranch - The Quivira Winery is located on the 110-acre estate that is bisected by the Wine Creek. The soil deposited over thousands of years on the valley floor is primarily gravelly and sandy loam – deep, well drained and fertile dirt that produces good crops of flavorful grapes. 59 acres planted to vines.  

Anderson Ranch - Farmed using biodynamical principles and is planted exclusively to Zinfandel on a high bench separating Dry Creek Valley from Alexander Valley. Located on Lytton Springs Road amongst the most revered Zinfandel in Dry Creek Valley,. This 9-acre ranch, formerly a kiwi fruit orchard, is leased long-term by Quivira. The Zinfandel from this property is estate fruit and boasts bright red fruit and a compelling verve. 

Gold Trek Vineyard - 100% Demeter Certified Organic Biodynamic. All Zinfandel is grown on hillside sites which are principally Dibble Clay Loam and Clough Gravelly Loam. All the valley floor sites are a dynamic mix of clay and loam. This ranch is bisected by Wine Creek and bordered on the North by Dry Creek.

"The Magic of Quivira"
San Francisco Chronicle
- Jon Bonné, 2010-05-23