Frapin is true single estate Cognac. This historic brand and iconic estate is family owned, and always has been. Every step of the process is done by Frapin themselves, from tending the vines to winemaking to distillation to aging, and no grapes nor eau de vie are bought or sold. The iconic estate is home to nearly 600 acres of Ugni Blanc vines and distillation takes place on the lees in one of six copper pot stills. Now in their 21st generation of grower-producers, the Frapin family has been active in viniculture for over 750 years.

Located in Grand Champagne – the premier region of Cognac – Cognac Frapin’s seasoned master distillers use juice obtained from grapes harvested at peak maturity to produce these world-renowned spirits. To create these stunning cognacs, Frapin uses Limousin oak barrels to achieve near-perfection. At first, new barrels provide deep color and aromas. The spirit is then moved to older barrels known as roux, which allows the spirit to rest longer without excessive cask influence. In these casks that range from decades to over a century old, the cognacs reach euphoric heights while dry or humid cellars help complete the spirit’s development before bottling. Most of Frapin’s spirits are blended to maintain the highly sought-after quality and consistency that the estate is known for throughout the world.

These bottles represent the tireless work the Frapin family has poured into their vineyards, stills, casks, and cellars. Unadulterated by the passage of time, investors interested only in the bottom line, and marketing that prioritizes lifestyle over liquid, Frapin has stayed true to their independent, quality-focused values.

REGION Nouvelle-Aquitaine
APPELLATION(S) Cognac AOP, Grande Champagne
PROPRIETORS Jean-Pierre Cointreau, grandson of Marie Frapin
WINEMAKER Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master


Frapin’s single family estate includes 240 hectares of vines in the heart of Grande Champagne, the premier cru of cognac. In the middle of the estate lies an elegant 18th century property called Château Fontpinot. Cognac Frapin is the only cognac house in Grande Champagne that can be called Château.

Frapin grows a grape variety commonly called Ugni Blanc. This grape variety has the advantage of being late ripening, having low alcohol levels (which give better aromatic concentration) and high acidity levels. These acidity levels help to protect the wine until the distillation.

Frapin cognacs come exclusively from grapes grown on their estate.


Cognac is a product with a Protective Designation of Origin (or PDO) which guarantees its origin and authenticity. It comes from the Cognac region of Western France and has a precise framework that is controlled by law. 

The Cognac region stretches over 75 000 hectares, around the River Charente, and benefits from a maritime climate (warm summers and mild winters). Its vineyards are divided into six sub-regions; Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fin Bois, Bon Bois and Bois Ordinaires. These sub-regions are differentiated by the respective characteristics of their products based on the composition of the soils. 

Cognac’s premier sub-region is Grande Champagne. Its hillsides offer the best exposure and promote perfect grape maturity. The soils are composed of friable limestone and chalk that help regulate humidity and temperature whilst providing good drainage. Eaux-de-vies from Grande Champagne have elegant, floral bouquets and are ideal for long ageing.

Frapin has been cultivating vines for 21 generations. Between tradition and modernity, the techniques used by the vineyard manager aim to obtain healthy grapes harvested at optimum maturity. Once harvested and pressed the juice obtained is fermented in vats. This is the winemaking process or vinification which is adapted  to meet Frapin’s requirements for wines that will release their full aromas during distillation.