Nestled in the southern foothills of Marlborough’s Wairau Valley in New Zealand, Clos Henri is an organic wine estate established and meticulously run by the internationally-renowned Sancerre winemaking family of Henri Bourgeois. Eager to discover unique terroir and new winemaking perspectives, the Bourgeois family embarked on a 12-year worldwide search for land similar to their property in Sancerre, known for its premium Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. In 2000, the family discovered these new horizons and purchased 98 ha of pasture land in New Zealand’s most famous wine region. 

“This is a family firm that seems to me to be doing precisely what far more of France’s tens of thousands of wine producers should be doing: forging important links in the outside world, broadening their horizons while exchanging ideas, all the time making better and better wines back home.” - Jancis Robinson

About the Bourgeois Family

Situated in Sancerre, France, the family estate of Henri Bourgeois has been passed down in the family for 10 generations. Now, one of the most established winegrowers in Sancerre and one of the most renowned family wineries in France, the Bourgeois family is immensely respected for their commitment to terroir-driven expressions of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.

COUNTRY New Zealand
REGION South Island
APPELLATION(S) Marlborough
PROPRIETORS The Bourgeois family
Certified Organic

The region’s exceptional microclimate acts in synergy with the fascinating geology, making Marlborough an ideal place for growing Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. Specifically, its long, dry growing season, intense sunlight and the contrast between warm days and cool nights, results in wines with a unique intensity and finesse for long aging potential. 

The Bourgeois family believes that working organically with grapes grown on their own estate and using dry-farming practices enables them to achieve true terroir expression in its purest form. The Wairau fault line runs diagonally through the estate, dramatically shaping the complex soil composition into three unique soil types – Wither clay, Broadbridge clay and Greywacke river stone – each personality reflected in the wines.

The location of the winery next to the vineyards allows quick transport time from vine to cellar. During harvest, handpicked fruit is placed in small trucks and transferred to the winery using gravity lifts for optimum protection of the grapes. Sauvignon Blanc avoids skin contact as much as possible to hold finesse and minerality, while Pinot Noir has gentle pumpovers during the early stage of maceration to optimize careful extraction and ripe tannins.