Founded in 1823, Alois Lageder is a family estate known for its highest standard of quality in viticulture and winemaking and for its leading role in recognizing and developing Alto Adige’s single vineyard wines. The estate is now directed by Alois Lageder and Alois Clemens Lageder, who represent the fifth and sixth generation of family ownership. They share a common goal to combine tradition and innovation. The family's winemaking philosophy is based on a holistic approach to produce wines with authentic character while leaving the natural environment as intact as possible for future generations. The region experiences diurnal shifts between day and night influenced by the mesoclimate of cool air from the Alps and the warm sun of the Mediterranean. 

"Alois has tirelessly continued to analyze the complex relationship between man, the grapevine, the cycles of nature and the local community to which his winery belongs. Today he is representing a model for all other producers who are willing to go down this path." - Gambero Rosso, Vini d’Italia, 2012 - 'Alois Lageder – Sustainable winery of the year'

REGION Trentino-Alto Adige
APPELLATION(S) Alto Adige / Südtirol DOC, IGP Vigneti delle Dolomiti / Weinberg Dolomiten
WINEMAKER Jo Pfisterer, Georg Meißner, Paola Tenaglia
Certified Biodynamic

In 1934, the Lageder family acquired the Löwengang estate in Magrè and subsequently purchased vineyards in prime locations throughout Alto Adige. The 50 ha of estate vineyards have been farmed using biodynamic principles according to Demeter association standards since 1990. Additional wines in the portfolio derive from a successful collaboration of over 90 long-term contracted growers covering around 110 ha, many of which have worked with Alois Lageder on a contract basis for years. These collaborations are governed by strict quality criteria, mutual respect and regular technical support from the Lageder family. The wine portfolio is divided into three groups based on both quality and origin: 

- The Classic Varieties ("Alois Lageder") Express the diversity of the region's landscape and its grape varieties. Fruit is primarily grown by partnering vignerons chosen on the basis of specific to individual varieties. These wines are enjoyable upon release.

The Terroir Selections ("Tenutae Lageder") Focus on specific first-class vineyard sites either estate-owned or from long-term contracts with growers whose goals align with the estate. Wines undergo a gentle winemaking process followed by a long maturation in mostly oak casks. 

- The Farms  Fruit from "Grand Crus" considered the best, family-owned, single-vineyard sites that are farmed using biodynamic practices.

In 1996, the family completed a modern, low-energy winemaking facility that uses solar and geothermal power. The structure was rigorously planned and constructed according to ecological criteria with zero consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels. The combination of technology with gravity’s natural force makes for a more gentle vinification process. The 17 m high gravity fed tower increases efficiency, preserves quality and ultimately fulfills Alois Lageder’s vision of sustainable operation methods.