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United States

Dedicated to expressing a range of red—and a handful of white—wines from its estate in the Central Coast of California’s Ballard Canyon appellation within Santa Ynez Valley, Jonata is one of a new breed of producers throughout the world who are thriving with a non-traditional amalgam of varieties and blends.

With a commitment in particular to Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Syrah, and informed by cutting edge viticulture, winemaking and a polyface approach to their estate, the Jonata wines are on the vanguard of an emerging quality movement in California winegrowing.

Armed with a degree in Soil Science from the University of Vermont and Vintages at Staglin in Napa, California and Craggy Range in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, Matt has an intrinsic feel for wine, from dirt to glass. curious, earthy and experimental by nature, Matt’s approach to winemaking is grounded in the vineyard (pun intentional) first and foremost: attuned to the vines, the weather, the soil, Matt seems almost to be a part of the vineyard itself.

Sales Materials (view all)

2013 Jonata 'Fenix' Red Blend [JNT310_13]
2013 Jonata 'Todos' Red [JNT300_13]
2013 Jonata Cabernet Franc 'El Alma' [JNT320_13]
2014 Jonata 'Fenix' Merlot [JNT310_14]
2014 Jonata Cabernet Franc 'El Alma' [JNT320_14]
2014 Jonata Cabernet Sauvignon 'El Desafio' [JNT330_14]
2014 Jonata Syrah 'La Sangre' [JNT340_14]