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Pont de l’Isère, France

Maxime Graillot - son of the famed winemaker, Alain Graillot - has not only taken over the daily operations of his father's estate, but also founded a boutique label called Domaine Equis with his business partner, Thomas Schmittel to express how the farmer is as much a part of the terroir as the soil and vines. They accomplish this goal by working closely with quality growers to remain in sync with every aspect of the winemaking process – vinifying, aging, bottling and marketing – similar to a négociant.

Maxime and Thomas pay close attention to what is happening in the vineyard all year long, decide when to harvest, the way they harvest and the way they make the wine once back at the winery (in Pont de l’Isère). They are very hands-on and take the time to have a relationship with the growers.

In the cellar, hand-harvested grapes are 70% to 100% destemmed to focus on the purity and primary fruit freshness that is meant to be enjoyable immediately. After several days of maceration, the wine undergoes a 20- to 30-day fermentation period including malolactic in a combination of oak barrels (5% to 10% new) ranging in formats and concrete tank. Aside from one or two pumpovers to homogenize or aerate, extraction is done entirely by hand with punch downs once or twice a day.

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2012 Equis Cornas Rouge [LSS320_12]
2012 Equis St. Joseph Rouge [LSS310_12]
2013 Equis 'Equinoxe' Crozes-Hermitage Rouge [LSS330_13]
2013 Equis Cornas Rouge [LSS320_13]
2013 Equis St. Joseph Rouge [LSS310_13]
2014 Equis 'Equinoxe' Crozes-Hermitage Rouge [LSS330_14]
2014 Equis Cornas [LSS320_14]
2014 Equis St. Joseph Rouge [LSS310_14]
2015 Equis 'Equinoxe' Crozes-Hermitage Rouge [LSS330_15]
2015 Equis Cornas [LSS320_15]
2015 Equis St. Joseph Rouge [LSS310_15]
2016 Equis 'Equinoxe' Crozes-Hermitage Rouge [LSS330_16]
2016 Equis St. Joseph Rouge [LSS310_16]